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Working with HEADS has been a game-changer for my creative practice. Their dedication to fostering creative connections in Manchester and propelling talent to new heights is unparalleled.
The team at HEADS have demonstrated professionalism and expertise from day one. They took the time to understand my unique skills, passions, and career aspirations and have helped me craft personalised strategies to showcase my talents in the best possible light.
Thanks to their extensive network and industry insight, I've had the privilege of engaging in meaningful conversations with top-tier clients and collaborators. Whether it's securing exciting projects, or expanding my professional repertoire, HEADS has been by my side every step of the way.
When I work with HEADS I feel empowered. With their guidance and support, I've been able to explore new creative avenues and push the boundaries of my craft. When thinking of my future as a creative I can wholeheartedly say that the anxiety has transformed into excitement about where we are heading next. The sky's the limit when you partner with HEADS.


I've had the pleasure to work and participate in Heads events since last year, and each one has increased my admiration for Manchester's innovation and creative community. Molly and Liam have made me fall in love with Manchester, not only because of their personalities, but also for the community they've created. When you visit Manchester as a creative, this is the place to be. The interaction with the bright, youthful, and aspirational individuals simply motivating, and I am grateful to have been a part of their wonderful journey so far.

Big up to Liam and Mol and the world of Manchester creatives.


HEADS are an incredible company. Not only have they massively helped increase my confidence since they started supporting me, but they have helped me level up my creative skills. Thanks to HEADS, I have been able to meet so many likeminded creatives to collaborate with, but also made friends for life. Excited to see what the future brings, and forever grateful to Molly and Liam for everything they’ve done for me.


HEADS is a pioneer for creatives within the industry, they have created a platform for people around Manchester and collaborated with amazing businesses to not only increase their stature but also give back to the community. The HEADS Christmas dinner was a fantastic event which showed exactly this. I met a number of creatives and enjoyed creating relationships with people within the industry. I am so excited for more events and more that HEADS has to offer in 2024.


I’ve been to several Heads events and each time has been fantastic. The organisation and presentation are consistently excellent, and the attendees are often friendly and approachable, ensuring you’ll meet someone new or make a friend. From creative meet-ups to art exhibitions, every event has left me feeling inspired. I highly recommend experiencing one for yourself!


Heads is an innovative and forward thinking creative platform. Working with Heads was an absolute pleasure; professional, engaging and their attention to detail was second to none. Collaborating with them allowed me to expand my network and engage with new audiences. A truly inspiring business.


HEADS continue to nurture a beautiful community where creatives are brought together and given opportunities to flourish and connect with both each other and businesses - with the support of the lovely Molly and Liam.


Working with Molly and Liam has been truly lovely. The passion they both lead with really shines through any project or event they hold. I’m truly excited to see how HEADS continues to grow and showcase how diverse and creative Manchester is!


Heads it's great, Liam and Molly really like to try and take care of you. I'm able to meet like minded people and come together for fun things, they're also to hand for any help you may need socially. Can't recommend more.


Working with Heads has been a transformative experience in my journey as a business owner. I can directly link so many elements of my brand growth to my relationship with Molly and Liam. Choosing one thing that sets HEADS apart from talent agencies and PR companies is impossible , but my favourite is their commitment to a community which I have come to feel so much a part of. Input from HEADS gave me the gift of breathing space to focus on the elements of business ownership I really enjoy; and the courage to push myself beyond my personal limitations and handle the work that comes with elevating a brand. HEADS offer so much more than top tier business advice and access to a network of creatives and business owners : working with them is an open invitation to commit to personal success using the tools they provide. All of this with a support network of inspiring individuals. Thank you Molly and Liam. 


"Why is there nowhere in Manchester where I can meet other creatives on the same journey? Where we can collab/support each other?"
Even though I’m from Manny these are questions I always asked until recently..
HEADS is exactly what this city has been missing and since coming to the events (which are FREE), my life in Manny has elevated 10x
Connections, opportunities, likeminded individuals, & good vibes.
Grateful man.


I found the HEADS UK community in the September of last year, and I'm so grateful for all of the experiences I've had with them since then! Attending their events has not only introduced me to dozens of like-minded creative individuals, but has also motivated me and taken my creativity in both modelling and photography to the next level! From the get go Liam and Molly were really outgoing and caring, and I quickly felt like a valued member of their community. They've been very supportive in sharing my creativity and featuring my work with HEADS on their community Instagram page, and It was soon clear to me why HEADS UK have the amazing reputation they do. I'm proud to be part of that reputation and I'm excited to see where HEADS can take me in 2024. 

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